Hilton has a wide variety of bark for every coverage need, Hilton offers competitive pricing and delivery for all of its bark coverage jobs. For pricing, call us at 1-800-632-1510 or email us at info@hiltonlandscaping.com.  Click here to the see variety of bark that we offer.

This is our new Bark, Shavings, Saw Dust & Chips Blower Truck

With it we can deliver and spread:
  • Fresh Fine Bark
  • Old Dark Fine Bark
  • Multi-bark
  • Bark Nuggets
  • Hemlock Bark
  • Playground Chips
  • Compost Plus
  • Compost Plus with Pumice
  • Chet’s Mix
  • Super Chet’s Mix
  • Cascade Nursery Mix

Check out our Bark Blower Truck and team in action