Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Dog-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

April 30, 2022

If your dog rules the roost in your backyard, creating a safe and exciting backyard environment is essential to both you and your pet.  At Hilton Landscaping Supply, our team can help you make good choices for design and materials to create an outdoor environment your entire family can enjoy, including these dog-friendly landscaping ideas. … Read More

Bark Blowing Services

Bark Blowing Services

April 3, 2022

Make Yard Work Easy with Bark Blowing Services Giving the front and back yards a good weeding and then refreshing the mulch areas with a fresh layer of bark is a great way to beautify your landscape for the year.  Bark mulch enhances the soil and vegetation, provides warmth against frost, and helps retain water,… Read More

Types of Sand

What Kind of Sand is Best for Your Project?

March 8, 2022

Usually, when we think of sand, we think of the soft ground along our nation’s coastlines and lake borders.  As a kid, you likely enjoyed taking your shoes off to feel the texture of the tiny granules between your toes.  However, the varieties of sand are significant, and not all sand is the same.  When… Read More

Using Hardscape in Your Landscape Design

Using Hardscape in Your Landscape Design

January 30, 2022

Tips for Using Hardscape in Your Landscape Design Having a beautiful outdoor retreat where you and your family and friends enjoy comfort and relaxation is a valuable addition to your home.  Hardscape represents all the “hard” building materials you can use within your landscape design, such as flagstone, bricks, cement, and rocks.  These additions create… Read More

Building a Perfect Patio

Tips for Building a Perfect Patio

January 3, 2022

Your visions of the perfect outdoor patio may resemble the setting of your favorite botanical garden or perhaps a neighbor’s beautifully manicured backyard.  Yet, what you see is only surface-level deep.  Achieving a long-lasting and stunning patio begins with a well-built foundation.  The good news is that anyone can do this; you just need to… Read More


Is Your Hardscape Ready for Snow and Ice?

December 10, 2021

It looks like proper winter weather is finally on its way to Southern Oregon and Northern California. Traditionally, the coldest month of the year in Southern Oregon is December, with an average low of 33°F and highs of 47°F.   Many locals will experience more treacherous weather conditions within the next few weeks, including rain, snow,… Read More



November 25, 2021

Can You Install Pavers in the Winter? Homeowners are usually fired up about landscaping and outdoor projects in the spring and summer.  However, there are several disadvantages to waiting until the weather begins to warm up. Working in warmer weather is tougher on your body. It can be challenging to schedule the help you need… Read More

Coco Coir

Coco Coir for Planting Beds

November 13, 2021

Have You Considered Using Coco Coir for Planting Beds? Coco Coir is an amazing alternative to other solutions such as peat moss for adding water retention to your soil’s characteristics at a very neutral pH level.  Coco coir is a natural fibrous material extracted from coconut shells.  Coconut shells are widely available, renewable, and otherwise… Read More

Customizing Your Pool with Hardscape

October 31, 2021

Are you dreaming about sun-filled afternoons and poolside relaxation?  Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor entertainment zones with a new hardscape.  Why have a dull, concrete deck area when you can optimize the next few months and create a vision of serenity and luxury installed in your backyard? Isn’t it for customizing your pool… Read More

Building a patio

Why Winter Is a Great Time to Build a Patio

October 18, 2021

Just when you think it’s a good time to put on your slippers, grab your favorite book, and enjoy an afternoon in front of the cozy, warm fireplace, we’re here to tell you to turn your attention back to your landscaping plans! It may seem like winter temperatures, rain, and snow would prevent you from… Read More