Natural Stone Fireplaces

Natural Stone Fireplaces

August 11, 2022

Natural stone is a beautiful choice for exterior patios, walkways, and structures, but you don’t need to limit it to the indoors.  Many of the same materials that bring functionality and stunning appearances to your front and back yards will turn your indoor living areas into the talk of the town.  Natural stone fireplaces bring… Read More

Fountain with Natural Stones

Building a Fountain with Natural Stones

July 21, 2022

Water features like fountains, ponds, and waterfalls add dramatic beauty to any landscape.  If you’ve already begun to use natural stones for other parts of your hardscape design, you can use those same stones to create a fountain.  Flat stones normally used for retaining walls or patio stones can be stacked to make a beautiful… Read More

DIY Hardscaping Tips

DIY Hardscaping Tips for your Weekend Projects

July 21, 2022

Adding hardscape to your home’s landscaping is a great way to make your yard look fabulous, create an easier-to-maintain environment, and increase the functionality of the living space.  Depending on the size and scale of the project, you may want to hire a professional contractor to install it for you.  However, many projects are manageable… Read More

build a dry stream bed

Build a Dry Stream Bed to add Beauty to Your Backyard

May 31, 2022

A dry stream bed (or dry creek bed) is a beautiful landscaping feature and can help control drainage in your yard or property.  During dry seasons of the year, these beds are attractive features for low-water landscape designs.  There are many design styles to choose from, and your landscaping supply team can help you decide… Read More

hardscape lighting

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Glow with Hardscape Lighting

May 19, 2022

As you’re planning your hardscape design project, lighting is a crucial aspect to consider.  Lighting adds beauty and functionality to any outdoor area.  The key to adding lighting to the hardscape is installing the features simultaneously with installing the hardscape–which means preplanning!  So start dreaming about your project and look at these ideas to incorporate… Read More

Hardscape Materials For Your Driveway

Hardscape Materials For Your Driveway

May 18, 2021

Hardscape Materials Can Give Your Driveway a New Look and Increase Your Home’s Value When planning your landscape and hardscape plans for your home, don’t forget about hardscape materials for your driveway! Driveways serve a very functional purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be conventional and boring.  Depending on the slope of your… Read More

Flagstone Maintenance

Flagstone Maintenance Made Easy

April 1, 2021

Having a living area constructed of beautiful, natural flagstone increases the amount of enjoyment you and your family will have in the outdoors.  This rock is perfect for patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pit areas, and walkways throughout your yard. Once you invest in a beautiful flagstone patio or walkway, you’ll want to make sure it… Read More

Boulder Water Feature

Add Serenity to Your Yard with a Bubbling Boulder Water Feature

February 18, 2021

If you’re up for a weekend landscaping project, creating a bubbling boulder water feature using a beautiful hardscape is a relatively easy job.  Fountains can create serene spaces for the family to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  Using natural stone blends the water feature into your environment. Here’s a brief overview of what this boulder… Read More

natural stone

How to Build a Raised Flower Bed with Natural Stone

February 4, 2021

Raised flowerbeds add height and dimension to your landscaping.  Large beds can feature decorative trees, medium-sized shrubs, or a lighted fountain.  Smaller designs provide segregation for flowers and other plants.  The basic steps to create a beautiful raised bed are the same either way and using natural stone and other hardscape materials will provide durability… Read More

Hardscape Foundation

Creating the Right Hardscape Foundation

January 21, 2021

Take a look at your backyard and imagine meandering rock pathways leading to a beautiful flagstone patio.  Perhaps a stone wall flanks a side or two to create added dimension.  Add some comfortable seating and a gas fire pit and your family is set for relaxation.  With the right hardscape, you can build an outdoor… Read More