The Best Plants to Cultivate in Early Spring in Southern Oregon

January 23, 2024

As winter’s frost gradually gives way to the gentle warmth of early spring, gardening enthusiasts in our region eagerly anticipate the perfect time to kickstart their gardening endeavors. Choosing the right plants for this transitional period is crucial for a thriving garden. We’ve compiled information about some of the best plants to cultivate in early… Read More

Ideas for Edible Landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

April 26, 2023

Edible landscaping is not only a practical way to grow fresh produce but also a fun and creative way to add unique and eye-catching elements to your outdoor space. Did you know that edible landscaping has been gaining popularity in recent years as people become more conscious of their impact on the environment and their… Read More

It’s Time to Start Your Spring Planting

February 15, 2018

Even though it may be a little chilly outside still, spring is still in the offing. The ground is thawing out, the temperatures are warming up, and the sun is lingering a bit longer each day. It’s is time to think of spring planting. Spring planting includes the plants that you start both indoors and… Read More