At Hilton Landscape Supply we carry a very large variety of organic products and supplies for your garden and landscaping needs. From plant, lawn and flower fertilizers and nutrients, to insect and pest repellant and control, to weed and grass control, we have dozens of nonsynthetic products from Bonide for “natural” gardeners. In addition, we carry OMRI Listed compost, worm castings, CoCo Fibers, Perlite, Kelp Meal, Feather Meal and Mycorrhizae, all of which can help you grow pesticide-free gardens of vegetables and fruit. Going Organic in the Garden Growing organic fruits and vegetables helps promotes a less toxic environment for all living things. Some of the benefits of going organic include:
  • Your fruit and vegetables are healthier have more nutritional value, and they are fresher and taste better.
  • You’ll learn how to grow things that you and your family can eat and begin to end your reliance on the supermarket.
  • You’ll have a sense of pride and achievement, and many gardeners report that gardening is their meditation.
  • It feels good to be outside, in nature, creating something with your efforts.
  • Healthy plants have a natural resistance to pests.
  • Growing organically means eating fresh; you can grow for flavor and not shelf life (ever eaten a tomato that was shipped in from a commercial grower, and then one from a local organic grower?)
  • You can get larger yields, with less lost to pests.
  • Biodiversity of flora and fauna is increased, as is natural pest control.
  • Your soil is naturally enhanced such that crops grow larger and healthier and will pass along more vitamins and nutrients.
  • Organic gardens are sustainable and do not contribute to topsoil depletion and/or groundwater contamination.
Visit our Garden Solutions page to see an organic garden in action. We also carry an assortment of hydroponic growing systems, supplies and kits, greenhouse accessories, nutrients, grow lights and many other hydroponic gardening components. If you haven’t been in to see us yet, please stop by soon. We’re just off I5 You Haul or We Deliver! Call for a free quote!